Start hitting it solid, its all about balance!

For players of any skill level, it is so important to define your balance at impact! Generally, every great ball striker has all of their weight firmly on their forward foot at impact!!! Establish confidence in this by setting up for some short swings (waist to shoulder high) with 95% of your weight planted on your front foot and hit some easy pitch shots from a good lie without a target. Get the sensation of an exaggerated impact position, and it will carry forward later when you practice your full swing. Build some confidence in striking the ball first. All of the greats practice some version of this drill every day to maintain confidence in the impact position.

Have a plan, and focus on every swing to get to that position. It is somewhat counter-intuitive to new players, but trust me, this is the foundation of every great golf swing. In 58 years of golf , I have yet to see a good shot struck with any weight on the back foot.(with the exception of an unusually crazy bunker or an extreme hill lie)

As always, enjoy the game and the process of understanding the game and playing better.