Swing Smooth and Never Fear the Fairway Bunker Again

Fairway Bunkers can be very scary and overwhelming if we let ourselves overthink it.

Obviously we will find ourselves in a few different situations inside the fairway bunker, normal lie, up against the edge, side hill lies, and a buried ball.

The biggest key to successfully getting out of the fairway bunker for every one of these situations is..
A smooth and balanced swing!

Inside the bunker we never want to feel like we are trying to overpower the shot. Always take a smooth swing that will leave you perfectly balanced at the end.

Smooth in terms of this situation: is how fast you can swing while maintaining the club to make good contact and finish balanced after the swing.

Keys to help make sure you take a smooth swing

1. Solid stance and set up
2. Good grip
3. Club up. Don’t muscle it
4. Focus on making contact with one spot
5. Complete backswing
6. Remember good contact over speed in the fairway bunker

Practice these keys and remember them while you are on the course and I’m sure you will have no fear in those fairway bunkers!