Swing smooth, stay down, and hit it solid!

Here are a couple of simple keys that will help the inexperienced golfer make consistently solid contact, minimize, and eventually eliminate topped shots.

Generally, there are two reasons for hitting the top of a golf ball.
One is going at it too hard and quick, over accelerating the hands and arms, which either leaves the weight on back foot, resulting in looking up and swinging the club in an upward direction; or forcing the body and head ahead of the ball instead of down and through.

Focus on finding your center of balance, and learn to keep your head still and steady.
The bottom line for every solid strike is to swing smooth, stay down and have your
weight on the forward foot at impact.

Here are the four keys to focus on during your practice swing in your pre-shot routine that will help eliminate topped shots and improve contact.

1. Exaggerate staying down (head steady, and focused on the ball!)
2. Stay centered, maintaining your weight on your front foot through impact.
3 Make sure you brush the grass, and make some sort of contact with the ground to find the level of the ball
4. Have a routine that includes a smooth and balanced practice swing that promotes these keys, as well as rhythm and confidence.