Test and compare

For adult, beginner golfers, the decision on buying new clubs can be very overwhelming due to the large amount of different manufacturers and models available combined with the high price tags. The best way to start is the same as with any other big purchase, test and compare. Attending demo days or going down to a local large golf retailer that has all of the demo options available is where you want to begin. Golfers will be able to eliminate about 50% of the options just by holding the club and looking at it. The clubs that do appeal to the eye should then be hit. Golfers will be able to eliminate a few more of the options in front of them because the sound has a great impact on the feel of the club. Regardless of which shaft is put into the clubhead, generally it will sound the same and if you don’t like the feel, eliminate that option.

Once you have found 2 or 3 clubs that pass the look and feel test, visit a knowledgeable club fitter that has access to fitting technology such as Foresight or Trackman to get you completely dialed in. Remember, feel is more important than the launch monitor numbers!