The A drill

The A drill.

Practice this drill to make sure you are getting both the knowledge and the fundamentals on how to get the most out of your bunker shots. (Draw lines in the sand for each of these).

– Set your feet up open to your target
– Open the clubface so it is pointed at your target
– Set your attack point a few inches behind the ball.

When you draw all of these lines in the sand, it should make an A shape. So when you practice this drill, you want to take out the middle part of the A. The two down lines just help guide your stance and direction. Also, just some things to follow up with this drill as well.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS hit down and stay through. Never decel, do not help the ball up. It is the same swing as a full swing.

Ball Position primarily in between front and center of your stance.

Hope this helps!!