The Best Defense against Nerves

The best defense against nerves anywhere on the course is a great pre-shot routine. With our young students at the U.S. Kids Academy we say; “Plan, Set-up, & Play” To help them develop a repetitive routine. The “Plan” includes picking the target, then picking the club based on distance, wind and deciding if it’s up hill or down hill. The “Set Up” starts with aiming the train at the target (the ball flies or rolls down one rail while the feet stand on the other rail) then grip, set up, and posture. “Play” begins with the letter Y (arms & club) either swinging back and through the same distance or turning the Y into an L for longer distances. Mastering a routine is THE requirement for our students to pass Level 5 in our 10 Level curriculum. If we can teach a 6 year old the Plan, Set Up & Play routine….you can learn it too.