The dreaded fat shot

Hitting “fat” or behind the ball is a swing fault that affects both high and low handicappers. The low handicapper typically has a swing path that is too far to the right (in to out) which will cause the bottom of the swing to occur too far behind the ball. The good player can also have a lot of hip slide which moves the head excessively away from the target causing a fat shot.

The higher handicap hits fat generally for different reasons. The higher handicap player usually moves excessively off or behind the ball in the backswing. Higher handicap players also tend to back up or hit off their trail leg also. The key thing to remember here is that hitting behind the ball isn’t the cause but rather a symptom of a faulty swing condition. Make sure your fixing the fault not the symptom. This is a perfect example of why it’s imperative to work on your swing with a reputable PGA Teaching Professional. Golf Lessons =Lower Scores