The Greatest Golf Hole any one has ever played.

The Best golf hole ever played…. The 18th at Pebble.

The 18th hole at Pebble Beach Golf links is without question, the greatest hole of golf I’ve ever played, and probably for every one else who has had the privilege and pleasure to experience a round at Pebble. The walk down the fairway on this iconic final hole is truly memorable. And even if it is for just one time, the feeling will last a lifetime!

This is true for several reasons. First of all it’s a beautifully designed and challenging par- five. The surroundings are stunning, the course is in great condition, and it has a nice “risk /reward” element built in. When you are coming to the close of your round at Pebble Beach there is a serendipitous mixture of pleasure, satisfaction and melancholy. Everyone’s walk becomes slowed, conversations are extended, and a few extra practice swings and deep breaths are taken by all of the players. This is especially true on the last shot, in an effort to fulfill that inner quest to hit the shot on the last hole at Pebble that “Captures the Open title”)

For those who truly love the game, from start to finish, ending this magical day playing 18 at Pebble will be a defining moment in their golfing lifetime. You begin the adventure with a sincere welcome at arrival from Laird Small PGA, John Kelly and all of the great staff. All accommodations, amenities and conditions are first class, and everything is done to insure you have a great day. The atmosphere is amazing! Their mission is to make the vision of Mr Eastwood, Mr Palmer and the Pebble Beach company to provide the “Golf experience of a lifetime”, become a reality!

It’s possible that 18 at Pebble Beach is the slowest played hole on the planet, but it’s OK. Sharing the joy of good shots with partners, taking an extra look at putts and chips, prolonged hand shakes, hat tipping, and photo taking etc. are all understood and embraced by everyone playing and observing. Even the group behind, and the group on the 18th tee appreciate the delay, as they are all sharing and understanding the moment with you. It gives them license to take their time, enjoy the view, breath the ocean air, think about the history and reminisce about the great moments, and champions who have played here. They too want to prolong this wonderful day on the links.

And at the end of the day, when I bought my playing partners a round of beer, and we sat on the patio overlooking Monterey Bay, one of them commented “Wow, $ 10 bucks a beer!…………. I responded by raising my glass and toasted, “Guys, I would easily pay $100 bucks a beer to share this moment in time with you, my good friends! We sat there in “Golf Paradise” for a while in silence, each just taking it all in.