The Most Used Club in Your Bag!

As a golf pro I have many people ask me what driver they should get, when they should be asking about what putter they should get.
It’s really a math question, how many strokes did you take using your putter vs. all your other clubs? Look at this example; On a par 72 golf course you hit all 18 greens & two putt all of them. 36 of your score is putting, what other club did you use as much? (If you used one more than that, time to invest in lessons, not clubs!). Golfers get fitted for irons & woods all the time, why not their putter?

There are a few factors I consider, which is my dominate eye? This can determine the type of hosel needed, offset, heel, center shaft. How does it look to you? You have to have confidence in what your looking at. The next would be length, long arms, elbows out, long putter? Lastly is grip size. Are you a wristy putter, maybe you need an oversized grip to reduce your hand movement.

So in my opinion, you should really consider putting more time & effort getting the correct putter in your hands vs a $500+ driver you might use 10 times in a round!