The Shadow Drill

If we assume you make decent contact then one of the biggest problems that most people have creating distance is they do not create a full turn for their back swing. This does not mean everyone should have 120 degree shoulder turn. You will only do what you are capable of so if it is 90 degree shoulder turn then it is 90.

The shadow drill is a great way to create a better turn. You need two golf clubs and two golf balls. You will make a ‘T’ with the two golf clubs and place one ball covered by your shadow on the edge of your trail hip. You will place the other golf ball about 2 inches away from your lead hip. You will face your shadow without a club to start and see if you can turn and get your shadow off the golf ball on your trail hip while keeping your head at the horizontal part of the ‘T’.Your goal is to create only the one golf ball of space on your back swing. Once you can do that progress to swinging a club to do the same thing. This will force you to be tall and keep your pressure in a better spot in your feet to be able to use the ground on the down swing to create more distance.