Think Tempo in the Bunker

Hitting a full shot from a fairway bunker, to a target that is far away should feel easy. Truth is, the player should hit the ball first, when striking a full shot to a target far away. Only in a green-side bunker should we hit behind the bar.

The problem that we all face is “thinking too much!” Treat a fairway bunker lie simply; just as if it were lying in the green grass of the fairway. Take a few practice swings on the outside of the bunker, first. Use a soft grip pressure. Keep your head still. Relax your muscles, as usual! Then, confidently enter the bunker, address your golf shot and swing exactly the same way as you would if your ball were in the fairway grass! Strike the ball first and you will hit a clean shot, effortlessly, out of the fairway bunker and to your target. Keep it simple! Don’t think too much! Enjoy!