This a hot topic everywhere

Of course this a hot topic everywhere,  This is an article in our June Newsletter to our membership written by our Director of Golf Josh Weeden.
Improving Your Pace
Playing at a better pace is not about hurrying up or rushing around the course. It is simply about being more efficient with your valuable time, as well as everyone else’s. Adopting this mindset – and not being afraid to share it with your fellow players – will ultimately add enjoyment to your golf experience. June is Pace of Play Month at Golf Channel and you’ll see plenty of on-air and online pieces throughout the month.
Tips to Improve Pace of Play
1. Plan your shot before you get to your ball: Once you are off the tee, think ahead. Determine you yardage and make your club selection before it is your turn to play. Very often, you can do this while others are playing, without disruption. If you take your glove off between shots, have it back on before it is your turn to play. Even a small step like this saves time.
2. Play Promptly: Take 30 seconds, maximum, to hit your shot.
3. Be quicker on the greens: Be ready to go when it’s your turn. You can read your putt, clean your ball, and fix ball marks while other people are putting. When it’s your turn set up and hit, go mark your ball quickly and get out of the way for your playing partners. Leave your clubs in an easy spot, so you can pick them up on the way back to the cart!
4. When sharing a cart, use a buddy system: Don’t wait in the cart while your cart mate hits and then drive to your ball. Get out and walk to your ball with a few clubs. Be ready to play when it is your turn and then let your cart mate pick you up. Or, drive to your ball after you drop your cart mate off and then pick him or her up after you hit.
5. Accept Responsibility: Recognize that slow play isn’t just the other guy’s fault. Lets work together to improve pace of play!