Work on things that make the game a bit easier

If your practice sessions are few and far between, let’s work on things that make the game a bit easier. A simple set-up for every single club in your bag can improve consistency and make the game a lot less frustrating. Simply follow these four steps. First, grip the club and place your hands and the golf club above your head. Second, try to get your elbows to touch and let them fall onto your chest. Third, bend your knees and place your shoulders over your toes. Lastly, look at the sky and let the club fall to the ground. Where the club lands on the ground should show you where your golf ball should be. You’ll be perfectly set-up to the golf ball with every club. Try this drill and I know you’ll be shaving strokes off of your game, even with very little practice. Follow the video link and don’t forget to submit your golf swing today at for your free virtual lesson. Have fun on the golf course!