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Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf

Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf

Brian O'Neill

PGA Golf Professional
Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf
Orlando, FL

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It was like watching a horse race with staggered starting positions!

I thought the new format was a fun and exciting way to create more interest and something new to talk about. It was like watching a horse race with staggered starting positions! It was fun leading into the event to talk about who could make the biggest move and who might feel the most pressure […]

At the Jack Nicklaus Academy we send our clients to True Spec

I recommend every new golfer to get custom fit for clubs once they are comfortably swinging the club. This might be after some basic golf instruction so the fundamentals are in place. Once you are ready I suggest going to a professional club fitting facility where an expert can guide you in the right direction. […]

The #4 golf course at Pinehurst

One of the toughest questions that I have been asked is “What is the best Public Course that you have played?” I have been very fortunate to have played so many great golf courses both public and private and I am sure many people that have played Pebble Beach are quick to answer with Pebble. […]

Old Head in Ireland

The best international course that I played was Old Head in Ireland. This is an absolute “MUST DO” for any golfer as the golf course is laid out on a peninsula that has some of the most breathtaking views of the ocean that I have ever seen. The golf course was both challenging and enjoyable. […]

The Swingyde

My favorite full swing training aid is the Swingyde. I don’t think it’s easy to skip the learning curve in golf but this is as close as you will get! This training aid provides amazing feedback relative to how your hands and wrists should work while keeping the club face square throughout the entire swing […]

The Backswing Fix

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