Good Attitude

One reason why players struggle in the wind is because they don’t like playing in it, they have a bad attitude about it and try to change their game to deal with it.

The best advice I can off is DO NOT CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAY. Trying to swing too hard into the wind or holding the ball up against the wind or playing the ball back in your stance and trying to hit punch shots are are bad ideas.
Realize that the harder you swing the more you will spin the ball and the more it will rise into the wind. Try making a full but slower swing into the wind, the ball will come out flatter with less spin.
Cross wind shots just aim more left or right and let the wind move it.
Down wind shots are going to have less spin and will get knocked down sooner.

Think you are a good wind player, enjoy playing in it, don’t change your game and rely on your short game and you’ll be fine playing in the wind.