Like a child on a swing!

Since the golf ‘swing’ is a swinging motion, the best way I have been able to share the concept of transition from backswing to downswing, is to have my students recall the feeling of when they were a child swinging on a swing. I want them to remember what it felt like when they reach the highest point on the swing and they have that brief sensation of floating (or pausing). It’s this feeling that I want my golfers to feel while swinging the golf club. This concept allows the club-head to load (collect) while the lower body transfers from turning back to rotating forward to cause the chain of events that will eventually Whip the club-head down the target line.

I feel the best way to train this sensation is to swing either a golf club or an Orange Whip back and forth in a continuous manner. By doing this, you will quickly feel the best sequence of events which happen during the swing that allows you to stay balanced and in smooth rhythm, just like a child on a swing!