Reduce spin for success in windy condition

Having played a lot of golf in Las Vegas, you have to learn in very short order how to play in the wind. And the key to success, if to control how much spin you impart on the golf ball. This includes backspin and side spin. Too many amateur golfers have bought into the mantra “put in back in your stance and hit down on the ball”. This in essence applies more spin than a normal golf shot, and the wind will grab ahold of this excess ball spin, and will compound any errors in the shot.

The key is to reduce golf ball spin. I like to take one of two extra clubs, and use the full arc of my swing, but go at it at 3/4 or half speed. Slowing the pace of the club down will lower the amount of spin on the golf ball, and give the wind less to work with, and the ball tends to be impacted less. You’ve heard the phrase “the wind rarely affects a well struck golf shot”, and there is some level of truth to that. A ball that is spinning less right or left will not slice or hook nearly as much.

Furthermore, a ball that is struck with a descending, steep angle of approach will typically have an absurd amount of backspin. Combined with an oncoming wind, that backspin is compounded and the ball immediately flights upward, and the attempt at low trajectory is overwhelmed by the spin and wind, and shots instantly are destine to come up short. By reducing the speed of the club, and spin on the ball, the trajectory of the shot automatically comes off lower, and with less spin for the wind to focus on and ruin a well intentioned idea!!