Simple and Fits in Your Golf Bag

I’m an absolute believer that a swing aid must be simple to use and fit in your golf bag. If it is not, the odds of your continued use of that swing aid is slim to not at all. Swing aids must also be versatile. Meaning, you can use the aid for more than just one drill or skill.

3 swing aids that fit into your bag, are easy to use, and are versatile for you to use are:

1. Alignment Sticks – to me this is the #1 swing aid all golfers need in their bags. There’s a reason why 99% of touring professionals carry alignment sticks in their golf bags. Alignment Sticks are extremely versatile. So much so, I produced quite a few YouTube videos featuring the alignment stick. Check out the one within this post.
2. Personal Launch Monitor – If you’re serious about improving your skills, why are you guessing at what you should work on when you can now objectively measure your skills? FlightScope’s Mevo and Mevo+ are affordable and extremely useful. Being able to identify specific skills that are keeping you from becoming a better golfer allows you to maximize your practice efficiency and create sustainable and measurable results.
3. A Weighted Training Club or Device – There are many different swing trainers that allow you to vary the weight of the trainer to do several things. Whether warming up, creating more swing speed, or understanding the feeling of efficient lag, these swing aids can assist you in many ways.