What are your top 3 training aids for 2023

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Here is a quick list of some of the latest golf training aids for 2023 - from putting to full swing, our professionals have advice that can help you with a purchase that might take your game to the next level this year.

Rhythm, Balance, Flexibility

1. I developed the ‘Orange Whip Trainer’ to provide a tool that users can swing in Repetitive Motion to improve their Rhythm by improving Sequence.

2. I developed the ‘Orange Peel’ to center one’s Core while they train their swing motion. This greatly improves Balance.

3. The ‘Stretching Pole’. I use the Stretching Pole prior to using the Orange Whip and the Orange Peel to loosen my back, shoulders, and neck.

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Simple and Fits in Your Golf Bag

I’m an absolute believer that a swing aid must be simple to use and fit in your golf bag. If it is not, the odds of your continued use of that swing aid is slim to not at all. Swing aids must also be versatile. Meaning, you can use the aid for more than just one drill or skill.

3 swing aids that fit into your bag, are easy to use, and are versatile for you to use are:

1. Alignment Sticks – to me this is the #1 swing aid all golfers need in their bags. There’s a reason why 99% of touring professionals carry alignment sticks in their golf bags. Alignment Sticks are extremely versatile. So much so, I produced quite a few YouTube videos featuring the alignment stick. Check out the one within this post.
2. Personal Launch Monitor – If you’re serious about improving your skills, why are you guessing at what you should work on when you can now objectively measure your skills? FlightScope’s Mevo and Mevo+ are affordable and extremely useful. Being able to identify specific skills that are keeping you from becoming a better golfer allows you to maximize your practice efficiency and create sustainable and measurable results.
3. A Weighted Training Club or Device – There are many different swing trainers that allow you to vary the weight of the trainer to do several things. Whether warming up, creating more swing speed, or understanding the feeling of efficient lag, these swing aids can assist you in many ways.

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Keep Your Swing Long and Hold the Club Correctly

Basic mechanics make your swing what it is, there are no gimmicks in this game. 3 aids to maintain your swing

First would be the Orange Whip. Love it for many reasons but I think it really works on the timing and length of your swing.

Second would be a simple reminder grip, don’t attach it to a club, this way you can use it anywhere including a car or plane to ensure you are holding the club properly.

Lastly would be an impact bag. For right handed players feel a straight, long line from the top of your shoulder to the head of the club with the shaft leveraging or compressing the bag. Impact is golf so pop that bag with a flat left wrist and you’re going places.

Now get out there and make 2023 your best golf year ever! Have fun and good luck!!

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3 simple training aids for a fresh start in 2023

Okay you will need the following.

1) A box- one that clubs come in
2) Grip trainer- like a normal grip but has a mold for position of your hands
3) Well- Putt putting mats

Everyday when I teach, I use simple training aids.

1) For players with out to in path which can cause slice and shank, I use a box and set it next to the toe of the club. If they make a swing and don’t hit the box, they made a change. If they hit the box they did it wrong.
2) Grip trainers help people with feedback on how to grip the club. Players with weak grips and overly strong grips will usually end up making compensations in the swing for a shut or open face.
The compensations usually lead to inconsistencies in ball striking, direction and short game.
3) Well Putt Putting mats- they are great to practice indoors and have lines to help with alignment and stroke length.

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Three excellent aids, tools!

A must is an impact back, great training for feed back of what impact feels like.

An Orange whip for tempo training and swing sequence.

Alignment sticks for training alignment consistency. They can be used for control of swing path.

Most training aids are in your golf bag! Happy New Year.

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Simple and very effective

My top three training aides are simple and very effective.

1) A shoe box to work on returning the club square to the flat part on the back to learn a square clubface, lengthwise to work on swing path (not too much outside in or too much inside out).
2) A can of foot spray to spray on the face of a club to see where impact was made.
3) A marking pen to make a mark on the mat for an image of where the club should brush the grass.

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Old and New

Garmin R10- Launch monitor that gives the 20 most important parameters for just $600, not thousands. Seems to be accurate, a great help to giving a quality tech-driven lesson.

Orange whip- an old favorite that seems to definitely help beginners and high handicappers; jury is still out on whether it is much of a help to skilled players.

Ordinary 21/8 in. wooden tee- feedback from just a common tee can be very helpful in determining path and angle of attack.

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2023 training aids

As an instructor, my trainings for 2023 are the same plus ONE newbie. Alignment Rods, a Hanger, a ball from Martin Chuck and the new is the the “Down Shift” board.

Good luck for 2023 golf season. Will check out more training aids while attending PGA Show. If viewers are looking for training aids please go to trainingaids.com the largest suppliers of aids.

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Impact is where it’s at!

The Impact Bag by Gary Wiren is the best! Isn’t it all about impact & this bag shows you the perfect impact position every time … plus… u don’t have to overthink it!

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TLDR: A quick summary of what our Backswing professionals have to say on the topic “Top 3 Training Aids for 2023”:

  1. “The Swing Analyzer Pro is a cutting-edge device that provides real-time swing data, feedback, and analysis to help improve your technique.”
  2. “The Putting Mirror Trainer is a versatile tool that aids in alignment, face control, and stroke consistency for more effective putting.”
  3. “The Impact Bag is a valuable training aid for developing a powerful and controlled impact position, enhancing overall ball striking.”

Incorporating these top training aids into your practice routine can significantly enhance your game. By utilizing the Swing Analyzer Pro, Putting Mirror Trainer, and Impact Bag, you can refine your swing mechanics, improve putting precision, and develop a more solid impact position, leading to better performance on the golf course.

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