... the work he's doing between his ears.

Brooks recent success could be attributed to a number of things. The obvious reasons would be his physical conditioning paired with a ridiculous amount of club head speed as well as an up tick in ball striking statistics. However, Brooks capacity to perform on the biggest stages is almost entirely due to the work he’s doing between his ears. We have all heard the saying “Golf is a mental game”… We get it. But what stands out to me about Brooks more than his ability to “golf his ball” is his relentless command and control of his emotions. He doesn’t get too high, and he doesn’t get too low. He makes a point to focus on the task at hand regardless of circumstance and I can assure you, when that task is closing out your round on Sunday at a major championship, you would be hard pressed not to let your thoughts get away from you. In my opinion Brooks number one weapon is not his driver… its his head. His ability to detach himself from the results or outcome and focus on playing the game are what make him great. its what made every great player great. He may not be as outwardly fiery as a lot of players on tour, but his flat-line rhythm is what is going to set him apart for years to come.