Warming Up: Keep It Simple

When I’m on the practice tee giving lessons, I see so many golfers warming up incorrectly. If you want to ensure that you’re ready to play your best golf, here’s a four-step process to get you prepared. Number one, make sure to stretch. I’ve had students that play other sports, and when I ask them if they stretch before running, playing soccer, or baseball, they always say yes. However, they don’t stretch for golf. Just like other sports, if you don’t stretch, you are at risk for injury.

After stretching warm up by hitting putts and short wedge shots. This allows you to find your impact zone and work on tempo. After you’ve hit a few wedge shots, proceed to the next step of correctly warming up. This involves hitting mid-to long irons. Now you should be analyzing your ball flight. Are you hitting it a little right, or a little left? Play that in your round today, as this is not “Practice” time, but “Warm-up” time. If you need to change something in your swing, set some time aside later to work on a swing fault.

Lastly, the final club you hit on the range should be the one you take to the first tee. If hole #1 requires a driver off the tee, the driver should be the last shot you hit on the range before teeing it up.

Complete this four-step process and you’ll be ready to play your best golf, each and every time.

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