When Windy, Change Your Club; Not the Swing

I have a lot of my students ask me about different playing conditions. For instance, they ask me if their swing changes when it gets windy. My answer focuses around a golfing methodology that tries to keep as many variables the same in whatever environment you’re playing.

For instance, you could certainly put the ball further back in your stance if the wind is against you to keep the ball under the wind, but you’ve changed the bottom-out position at impact. What I like to do is simply change the “tool” in my “toolbox”. For instance, if an 8-iron goes 150 yards, and there is a strong prevailing wind coming straight at you, I simply take a 5-iron and swing the same swing. The 5-iron is made with less loft, so it will not go as high, but the player will get to keep the same swing fundamentals with every shot. When it’s breezy, change your club.