Can an amateur golfer increase clubhead speed without losing accuracy?

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These days, everyone wants to hit it farther. But we all know that swinging out of our shoes rarely results in a straight drive. So how do you actually hit it farther while keeping the ball in the fairway?

SuperSpeed Golf

Swing speed is a key indicator of success on the golf course. SuperSpeed Golf combines extensive research with practical applications to deliver increased swing speed for all golfers, from juniors to professionals. The 3-club system uses the science of underload/overload training to stimulate neurological changes associated with the speed of the golf swing.
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Super Speed

I was able to attend a SuperSpeed Seminar in our Section before COVID hit in 2020. I was familiar with the SuperSpeed program because I had already been using the product prior to attending. I found the seminar to be very informative and a nice educational tool.

I do believe amateur golfers can increase swing speed without losing accuracy. SuperSpeed has a great training program to learn how to do this.

From my personal experience, you can definitely increase your clubhead speed. I think the trick is to understand that you are trying to max out your swing speed when training, but that doesn’t mean you need to max out your swing speed on the course. If you’re increasing your max speed in training, then when you go out an play at 85 to 90% of your capacity you will be swinging faster than what you did before and you should obviously pick up more distance.

Now it is definitely possible that you may miss a few more fairways than before, but if you are able to hit an 8 iron into a green instead of a 6 iron into the green, your accuracy into the green should be a whole lot better.

I believe hitting greens is far more important than hitting fairways.

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Yes You Can

I 100% believe you can increase speed without losing accuracy. Most amateurs would be better served starting with better contact and face to path improvement. From there adding more speed will improve distance greatly.

Nick Duffy Golf
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SuperSpeed Equipment Owner-Coach

Yes, you can increase club speed without losing accuracy. But the percentage of amateur players that would fit in that answer check box is lesser than higher percentage. Why? After using the SuperSpeed Adult and Junior equipment sets with tens of students the past two years. I see that players are committed to the journey to increase speed if the positive outcome comes sooner than later on the course. Fact of this matter is that neurological athletic training takes weeks to be a habit-repeatable movement. Players must do the SuperSpeed Protocols with a trained coach. Otherwise, I have seen mis-use of the equipment and possible bodily injury.

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Speed vs. Accuracy- Not Quite a Fair Debate

Absolutely. Speed vs. Accuracy isn’t quite a fair debate. Most amateur players swing slow and hit it crooked because of poor movement patterns and poor club face control. Think about it: If the club face is wide open during the swing, it’s difficult to swing hard without losing the face completely. Most players slow down their swing to help square up the face.

When we improve a players’ movement patterns this often results in greater range of motion, better leverage, and more force being generated with increased efficiency. All these result in more club head speed. Then, if we improve the face control via grip, wrist alignments, or arm structure, the player can swing harder without the fear of losing the golf ball sideways. Translation: Better accuracy. So yes, it is quite possible for the average player to pick up distance AND accuracy.

At the Tour level this debate is different. Those players already have great club face control and already swing fast. Seeking a 1% improvement at that level is much more difficult, especially when accuracy is so important. Chasing distance at that level is a different ball game and may have unintended consequences. Tour players need to carefully weigh the costs and benefits. But the key is amateur golfers shouldn’t be influenced by tour talk; find a knowledgeable instructor who can help, and see the benefits of improved distance and direction.

Florida Gulf Coast University PGA Golf Management
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Speed and Accuracy

Yes amateur players can both increase speed and improve accuracy at the same time. I am an advocate of SuperSpeed Golf, I have many students who have increased clubhead speed by 10% or more in a short period of time. Increasing speed generally improves mechanics as well as improving both wrist hinge proper release and swing plane. Therefore using a training aid like SuperSpeed Golf system should improve both speed and accuracy.

PGA Golf Professional
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Faster Swing with the Same Swing

Most amateurs try to swing faster or hit the ball harder to gain distance and end up losing a ton of accuracy only to pick up a mile per hour or two of swing speed. The key to building swing speed is to train for a faster swing off of the golf course. There are a lot of aids available to help build swing speed, but the key is to make your swing and have it moving faster.

The easiest way to train for more speed is to do a simple loading and unloading drill. Using a “heavy” swing aid you want to make 3 full swings at a 1 to 2 speed on a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the fastest. Make these “perfect” full AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE swings. Then switch to a very “light” swing aid, such as an alignment rod. Swing the “light”swing aid 3 times at a 10, as fast as you can, maintaining the same full “perfect” swing. Repeat this rotation for 3 to 4 sets. You can do this daily or a few times a week.

With this type of training you will be able to create and handle more club head speed, and you will be able to maintain your accuracy.

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Go For It!

Absolutely! It just depends where in the swing you increase your speed. Whipping the club back quickly and through impact will most likely throw off your tempo. Make sure to keep your body alignment and positioning in sync with your tempo, and focus on increasing your speed through impact. Swinging with a weighted club will help you pick up speed through impact. You can also try holding a club by the head and make swings through the air until you hear a “whooshing” sound only where impact would be.

PGA Golf Professional
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Speed from Timing

Enthusiastically yes! Ever wonder how great shooters in basketball look so effortless from long distance? It’s because of timing, proper sequence of muscle movement and good balance. To stick with the basketball example, a shooter’s motion and power comes from, and starts with, the legs (bigger muscles), then the motion (power) moves up the body’s mid-section to the arms and finally the hands follow (smaller muscles) releasing the club head with all the power generated from bottom to top sequence of movement – release!

Translating this recipe for golf, think of the turn away and start of the downswing being led by the lower body (big muscles) followed by the hips, arms, hands and finally release of the club face. When done in proper sequence with good balance and no tension, club head speed is the result. More distance with less effort just like a good shooter in basketball.

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Swing easy and hit it hard!

The way to increase swing speed without losing accuracy:

1. Proper club fitting
2. Proper club face alignment
3. Proper body alignment
4. Swinging as fast as you can without losing your balance

However if you would spend more time chipping and putting to the point of tour quality, you don’t have to worry about the above!!!

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Long and straight shots

Most amateurs can increase swing speed without losing effective accuracy especially if they do it under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Usually the lower the handicap the farther the player hits the ball and they tend to be straighter. If a player is using good fundamentals and increases swing speed they should have the accuracy they need. Increase in swing speed with solid contact and a square clubface is the formula.

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Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

Increasing a golfer’s swing speed is a two-part process.

1. Improving arm and hand speed
2. Improving the sequential nature of the swing

Arms & hands for speed, and accuracy with improvement in sequencing.

As always, good luck with the process !!!

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Use Wrists for Speed

To create speed in your golf swing you must use your wrists! I have so many students who just lift their arms on the backswing and then try to twist their body to create speed on the downswing. This does not work!! Two steps, your forearms have to rotate the toe of the club up on the backswing to allow your wrists to set or cock. The opening and closing of the club creates speed thus giving you more distance. As your chest and shoulders coil in the backswing feel the forearms rolling the toe of your club up allowing your wrists to cock the club to the sky and not too much behind you. This will increase the fold of the right arm for you righties, allowing a snap or crack back into impact. Try this, it works!!!!

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Creating speed and its demands!

If you can appreciate the simple idea of reflexive energy ! You will value the best reasons to pursue more speed! You can’t talk downswing speed without creating more backswing speed in context! If keeping the club head in a more consistent orbit or trajectory is an issue then your most likely swinging to slowly going back! Speed demands are more precise. The idea that you might be less able to direct your ball has less to do with your club but what your doing with your body or should I say not doing! Check out @kamgolf on Instagram! Hope this leads to some thoughtful consideration and open minded experimentation!

PGA Golf Professional
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It depends

It depends on the golfer and their goals and capabilities. A junior golfer should make those neurological gains because it is fun and usually their swing works better. A beginning adult golfer or a golfer without speed should free up and learn a few key movements that create speed. The old way of thinking was to be still, swing easy and that will add more control. This is true especially when developing the eye hand coordination of hitting a round small ball off the ground from different lies. It is difficult for everyone. But I would rather a person with no speed free up and miss for a week, encouraging speed. Than have no speed and continue to hit half power decent shots. The swing works best when all muscles are stretched to the max and in coordination with each other. The harder you swing the better you hit it. Those guys that really hit it good are not swinging easy.

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Speed and Accuracy

Can Not answer this question never ready hit the ball far to begin with, but anything is doable. Does the a student or client have the right PATH, Clubface and movements going?? How does ones body hold up??? Is there proof thru Biomachanics?? We only seem to have statics in the Modern Age, what where Jack, Arnie, Hogan and others doing???

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Speed and Accuracy

The answer is: a player can increase swing speed and also increase accuracy. I do not teach my students to slow down. I want them to swing their arms and clubhead as fast as they can on balance and in rhythm and believe that if they utilize proper technique to improve path, face angle and contact the ball will explode off the face!! I think the SuperSpeed Golf system is a good one for someone trying to increase clubhead speed.

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