How do you warm up for a round of golf when you're pressed for time?

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Eventually it happens to all of us... getting to the course at the last minute for your tee time. Ugh. So what are some quick and efficient ways to prepare your body and mind for a round of golf ? Our Backswing professionals share their thoughts.

Quick Warmup for Golf

Running to the first tee from the car is not recommended, but we’ve all done it! If pressed for time, it is important to get your body ready for the golf swing motion.

First off, I encourage stretching your back, shoulders, wrists and hips. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, but I personally like doing a set of continuous swinging drills with an Orange Whip or a golf club, to prepare the body for the Full swing. In the accompanying video, I go through a quick way to get ready to play. I start with the Torso Twist to loosen up my back, but since the drill is motivated by footwork; it loosens up the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. I do this for about 30 seconds.

Next, I will do one handed swings (right and left) for about 30 seconds each. These swings are like tennis forehands and backhands and they loosen up the wrist, forearm, shoulder and they coordinate the upper and lower body synchronization. Finally, I will do repetitive motion full swings continuously for about 30-40 seconds to tie it all together. I finish off with a few actual practice swings with a golf club to mimic my swing on the first tee. Then I let it Rip!

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Pre-swing warm-up is important even if you’re pressed for time

When you’re pressed for time before a round of golf, it’s essential to focus on the most critical aspects of your warm-up routine. Here are a few tips to help you quickly warm up for your round:

1. Start with light stretching: Spend a few minutes stretching your arms, legs, and back. This will help you loosen up and get your blood flowing.

2. Take a few practice swings: Take a few swings with your driver or another club to get your body moving and to help you find your rhythm.

3. Focus on your short game: If you’re really pressed for time, focus on your chipping and putting. Spend a few minutes on the practice green to get a feel for the speed and slope of the greens.

4. Visualize your shots: Take a few minutes to visualize your shots before you head out to the first tee. This will help you feel more confident and focused when you start playing.

Remember, the most important thing is to get your body moving and to focus on your mental game. Even if you only have a few minutes to warm up, these tips will help you get ready for a great round of golf.

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I warm up to play. I don’t play to warm up

Check out this video to prepare your self to play!

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Are You Warming Up?

I’m willing to bet you think the swings you make before going out to play is practice. WRONG!

It’s very simple. Warm up is what you do before you play. Practicing is time spent working on your game when you do not plan to play golf.

Check out the video to learn more.

John Hughes Golf
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5-10 minute warm up

I grew up playing a course with no range. I am used to not hitting ball before I play. But I would recommend this quick warm up.

1) Chip – If you can hit a few low chips with a 8-9 iron
2) Long Putts- Hit 5 long putts say 25 to 30 ft
3) Short Putts – Hit 10 (3 to 4 foot) putts in a circle around the hole
4) Practice Swings – Use the club your going to hit off the first tee and make some swings brushing a tee or the ground with an iron

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Relax into your round

We are all pressed for time these days and if you show up at the course just before your tee time try this. After checking in grab a cold beverage of your choice and sit down and relax for a minute and try to slow your day and motor down. After this walk slowly to the putting green and roll a few putts with no particular drama or deep focus. We need to find our best tempo for the day and slowing down your motion will so help your timing. Relax, slow down and enjoy your round!! Cheers!!

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Pressed to warm up

It would be great to get to the golf course about an Hour before our tee time. Try to hit Putting Green 1st and hit a variety of different Putts. Then head off to range and begin with wedges ( 5 balls) and then get to mid irons. If not swing 2 wedges together and stretch out body some what.

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Quick Warm Up

I like to swing a weighted club in the parking lot. Do some Stretches on the first tee.
Grab two clubs and make swings if you do not have a weighted club.

PGA Golf Professional
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Orange Whip for the win

I’m a huge fan of the Orange Whip training aid. Allows for some great stretching in a short amount of time. Hitting some longer pitch shots is better than taking quick full swings as well.

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Whip it Good

Swing a training aid designed for warming up your muscles. The best way to warm up your golf swing is with the Orange Whip Trainer. It is an excellent fitness tool. It helps with your tempo, balance, and smooth, effortless swing.

The Country Club of Virginia
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Quick warm up

Well I’m old school. If you are going to invest 4 hours playing golf you should invest another hour getting to the course to warm up properly. But on the rare occasion you arrive late I would practice chipping. And then swing an orange whip to loosen up. And be careful of reckless wagers on the first tee because the player that arrived an hour early to warm up properly will probably clean your clock.

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Loosen up!

If I am pressed for time, I will be more concerned to get loose than to prepare to play well. Preventing injury is my main concern so I will try to stretch my shoulders, posterior chain and rotational core. A few swings with 2 clubs is my go to after stretching. If I can hit a handful of putts for distance (10-30 feet) that would be great and a few chips.

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Pressed for time? No problem!

A golf warm up is just that a warm up. When we are pressed for time. Focus on the most important things. Here are what I believe to be those keys.

1. Getting loose and getting the body moving

What does that mean? A light stretch of the legs and arms. Right into hitting some soft full swing golf shots to get “loose”

2. Get your feel for the day.

This simply means. Make some swings and see how you are hitting it and the flight of your ball. This isn’t a lesson or swing fix session. It’s time to see what you are working with.
Recommend hitting some full swing wedges. Moving to a mid iron such as 8 iron. After that move to a 5 iron. Up to your 3 wood and driver. All depending on exact time will determine how many you can hit. Always finish with imagining your opening tee shot and hitting it on the range.

3. Get to the putting green as fas as you can while still being efficient in your range session.

Why? Because we need to get the feel for the greens and the speed. Get our hands connected and feeling the golf club. Mix in some short game shots to get your touch warmed up for the day. Finish your session with a few short putts in a row that you make for a confidence boost.

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TLDR: A quick summary of what our Backswing professionals have to say on the topic “Quick Warm-up for Golf”:

  1. “Prioritize dynamic stretches and mobility exercises to prepare your body for the game.”
  2. “Include a few practice swings with a weighted club to activate your muscles.”
  3. “Perform targeted shoulder, wrist, and hip rotations to improve flexibility and range of motion.”
  4. “Incorporate light cardio exercises, such as jogging or jumping jacks, to increase blood flow and warm up your entire body.”
  5. “Focus on loosening up your neck and spine through gentle stretches and rotations.”
  6. “Engage in short putting drills to sharpen your focus and establish a consistent stroke.”
  7. “Consider using a foam roller to release muscle tension and promote relaxation.”

They suggest dedicating a few minutes to a comprehensive warm-up routine that encompasses various exercises and stretches targeting different areas of the body. By following these recommendations, you can optimize your performance on the golf course and reduce the risk of injuries.

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