Toe hits are so frustrating. What causes them?

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Hitting a shot off the toe of the club is one of the more frustrating things in golf. So we asked our Backswing professionals for their expert advice on what causes toe hits and how to fix them. Here are their tips along with some suggested drills.

Check your swing plane if you hit shots off the toe

If you struggle hitting shots off the toe, make sure to check your swing plane. Most players with upright swing plane and steep transitions in their downswing tend to play more toward the toe.

Here is a fix:

1.Stop at the top of your Backswing

2. Take the butt end of the grip toward the ball, and feel like your downswing is more “around” your body.

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Some players have said “you can’t stand too close to the ball”

The distance you stand from the ball in address is one of the reasons for toe strikes. Over reaching for the ball over extending your arms where the center of the clubface is not facing the center of the ball comfortably. Arms should be close to the upper chest and not leave that area. Like spinning skaters keeping arms wrapped around themselves as they spin. Keeping the arms closer to you will fix the exact distance from the ball each shot you hit and ensure a center faced strike.

Drill; get as close to the ball as possible then hit 4 shots then move away on each 4 shots till you find a Happy comfortable distance and the ball marks are dead center!

Some players have said “you can’t stand too close to the ball”

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Finish your swing and check your lie angle

Contacting the ball with the toe of your club is a very common issue. In a swing lesson I would work on your rotation/finish and ensuring your arms are extended at impact by having full release. In a Club fitting the fitter might want to adjust your clubs to bring the strike closer to the center of the club. Focus on the swing first and if you feel you are making full finish check the clubs. Enjoy your finish and be in balance also. Good luck!

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One fix is to keep your shoulders closed until impact and your back to the target longer

Toe hits are typically similar to the “over the top” pull slice shot….a player will swing over the top (arms swinging too far left for a RH golfer) with an open face causing the toe to make contact first. One fix is to keep your shoulders closed until impact and your back to the target longer….this will help the arms to swing more to the right causing the club path to be more inside out. In other words…swing to the right! ( RH golfer)

Good luck!

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Toe hits

Answer could be 2 fold, If you are a Tall person with shorter golf clubs then could be 1 issue. 2nd could be your swing direction (aka over the top), Make sure your golf clubs are the right length when getting fitted. Next take 2 baskets at the driving range place one by your lead foot and the other one at 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock. swing out to your Right or left.

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Over The Top = Toe Hit

Visit your local PGA golf professional for a lesson right away, when you notice that you are hitting golf shots off the toe of your club face. More times than not, it is an “over the top move.“ You need professional advice, video, and some drills from your PGA golf instructor to stop this nonsense! Call your coach and spend an hour working on your swing plane. The pro knows how to get your swing on track. And once you are done, you’ll have centered hits on the sweet spot.

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Get a lesson and Practice

The only time we see players hitting the golf ball off the toe of an iron with a 4 1/2 inch long face, or a driver that is as big as a toaster, is when they are just taking up the game, and are trying to figure it out on their own by whacking at balls at random. Get a lesson from a qualified PGA Professional on basic fundamentals. Develop a simple routine that includes proper setup, ball position, proximity to the ball, and an understanding of basic balance, timing, and rhythm.

Generally, we see them going at it way too hard and out of control with independent hands and arms, and standing way too far from the ball because someone told them to keep their arm straight. Get closer to the ball, swing smoother, practice, practice! practice!!!! Have fun learning the game. Those random off-center strikes will be a thing of the past.

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TLDR: A quick summary of what our Backswing professionals have to say on the topic “Toe Hits Are So Frustrating: What Causes Them?”:

  1. “Misalignment of the body and clubface at impact can lead to toe hits.”
  2. “Improper weight distribution or balance during the swing can cause toe hits.”
  3. “Swinging too steeply or coming over the top can result in toe hits.”
  4. “Lack of proper hand and wrist control may contribute to toe hits.”
  5. “Inconsistent swing tempo and timing can lead to toe hits.”
  6. “Using clubs with incorrect lie angles or shaft lengths can cause toe hits.”
  7. “Tension or lack of relaxation in the hands and arms can result in toe hits.”

They suggest that addressing the root causes of toe hits, such as alignment, balance, swing path, and clubfitting, is crucial to overcoming this frustrating issue. By focusing on proper technique, maintaining relaxation, and seeking professional guidance, golfers can reduce toe hits and achieve more consistent and accurate shots.

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